Fire Safety

You might take every precaution possible, but you cannot prevent a fire from breaking in your workplace. Simple factors like overloading of the power supply line by drawing more than its rated capability can lead to a fire. A malfunctioning air conditioner can lead to a short circuit that can finally result in a fire. The issue is how someone can stay safe if there is a fire in the workplace. If fire breaks in an isolated area of the workplace, which is far away from the exit points, it gives the staff an opportunity to exit the workplace. If the fire has just started, the staff should shut off the power supply line immediately, and open the windows. The latter helps smoke to dissipate from the enclosed area, preventing serious health concerns and even death caused due to suffocation from the smoke generated when the fire engulfs different materials inside the workplace. If you still have old ladders installed in your workplace, it is a wise idea to get them replaced with industrial safety ladders, as their design is such, that they can withstand the heat generated by the fire without collapsing.

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What procedures should a business have in place in case of a fire?

All businesses should have portable fire extinguishers installed. They should also insist the personnel of the company from which they purchase the extinguisher, to provide basic training on how to use that gadget in case a fire breaks out. Apart from this, the company selling the extinguishers should also inspect the gadget regularly, and replace its chemicals after the expiry date. Apart from this, one also needs to install circuit breakers in the power supply lines, as these devices shut off the power supply in case of a short circuit, or if there is too much load on the power supply.

How is a fire detected?

A pungent smell and the appearance of smoke are the first signs of a fire. However, this is not enough. One should install smoke detectors and sprinklers in their work place. The smoke detectors are electronic gadgets that contain a light emitting diode and a light sensor. If smoke enters the detector, it prevents free flow of light from the LED to the sensor, triggering off an alarm. They should be connected to sprinklers that activate as soon as the sensor detects fire. The sprinkler sprinkles water to douse the fire. Fire safety precautions are important, as they help prevent injuries and even death in case a fire breaks out.